Who's the author?

Dr. Irving Danesh

Dr. Irving Danesh is a highly respected emergency room physician and educator
with a healthy sense of humor. When not doing what he loves, saving lives,
he writes insightfully and entertainingly about the things he has experienced.

Prior to publishing his first novel, Dr. Danesh consulted on, wrote for, and helped produce ROYAL PAINS, the popular USA Network series about a “concierge” doctor
on Long Island.

Coming out of college in Southern California in the ‘70s, young Irv was not accepted to any medical schools in America. He launched his illustrious career by buying his way into a Mexican medical school. Those years became the inspiration for his novel, The Loco Life of Doctor Taco.

Born in Brooklyn, Dr. Danesh, now lives north of Boston with his wife, Fanny.
They have four sons.