Paging Doctor Taco

Starts are hard, but the discipline of starting again every day and accomplishing something, is next to impossible. Yahweh, please bless this blog and help me write more than one entry.

Welcome to the website of The Loco Life of Doctor Taco and its author…me.

Who is me?

Well, you could look at the biography page of Doctor Irv Danesh [the “me” who used to always sign himself in as Irving S. Danesh, MD FACEP (Fellow of the American College of Emergency Physicians), but I just turned 58 and who needs the formality]. The paragraphs on that page would tell you of the adventures it took to “earn” the MD. The words would describe a little of the training, more of the creativity of TV life and of “falling into schmaltz” (a Yiddishism from my mother meaning falling into chicken fat, once considered healthy before the FDA and Californians ruined it for the rest of us). Finally the statement would tell you of starting to write this book.

Of course, biographies and autobiographies never tell you the whole truth or the whole story. No one willingly bares himself to an audience of total strangers unless one is an actor who finds his career fading from the public eye. This is when “me” makes something up and you guess, fact or fiction?

So who is me?

Me is a 58 year old overweight, well-seasoned, and balding redhead whose red hair will soon turn as white as his beard. I am arthritic and lazy. I like to bury myself in political news and get angry over battles I can’t possibly win. I am someone who has never followed the conventional and is too “mature” to start now.

As you read my book, remember that almost all stories come from life and my life has never been on Main Street behind the walls of a clapboard house and a white picket fence. The 2.1 children with a perfect wife never inhabited my reality and American medicine was never an institution I could compete with in the category of bizarre.

What I’m trying to say is this:

“Reality can be beaten with enough imagination.”
-Mark Twain