Diagnosis: Old Age

“I think insomnia is a sign that a person is interesting.
Aver Sawyer, Notes to Self

I learned in medical school that geriatric patients sleep less than youngsters. Even though this is a HIPPA (Government privacy) violation I would like to publicly announce I have diagnosed myself with old age.

When my time on Royal Pains finished, going back to just being a full time doctor had no appeal. I still had a wife, kids, and dogs, which meant bills to pay, so I would continue to be a doctor, but I also wanted an artistic life. As I raised my kids I knew three out of four would become artists of various kinds. I had told each of them to go out into the world and create beauty to stop some of the ugliness that we witnessed everyday on the news. I decided I wanted to do the same and needed to regulate and regiment my time towards this end. I wanted my mornings free to write on a consistent basis. Continue reading